Harsh environment HVAC system for Bollsta Dolphin

Delivery year 2013
Project name Bollsta Dolphin
Concept CS60E Semi submersible drilling rig
Operator/ client Fred Olsen Energy

Callenberg Technology Group received the order to provide HVAC systems for a new type Moss Maritime CS 60 E designed for water depth capacity up to 10,000 feet. The unit was fully compliant with Norwegian Continental Shelf requirements and was designed for year-round operations in the Norwegian Barents Sea.

This rig measured 123 m length and 96 m width and at the time was the largest semi-submersible drilling rig in the world. The scope of work included detailed design, procurement and production of equipment of both HVAC systems and refrigeration provisional plant for the complete platform.
Callenberg was also responsible for startup and commissioning of the HVAC systems.

HVAC equipment included Air Handling units, Fan coil units, refrigeration plant, all types of dampers, HVAC control systems, attenuators, dehumidifiers, supply and extract fans, electric heaters, steam coils including steams valves, intake and exhaust louvers. All equipment was designed for harsh environment conditions.