HVAC for Ekofisk's Living Quarters

Delivery year 2010 - 2013
Project name Ekofisk living quarters
Concept 10,000 tonnes fixed steel structure
Operator/ client Conoco Phillips

Callenberg Technology Group has provided detail engineering and supply of HVAC equipment to Ekofisk's 550 man living quarters.

The engineering scope of work included heating / cooling calculations, pressure drop and sound calculations, single line drawings, isometric drawings and D + IDs, together with all equipment engineering for all 4 modules, a total of over 30,500 hours.

HVAC equipment supplied to the quarters included Air Handling units, supply and extract fans, cooling units and condensers, kitchen extract hoods with fire suppression and water washing, all types of dampers (approx. 2000), HVAC control panels and field instrumentation, attenuators, electric heating coils, intake and exhaust louvers.