HVAC systems for new Rectifier Building at Kollsnes plant

Delivery year 2015
Project name TROLL A 3&4 PCP HVAC Rectifier building
Concept Onshore plant
Operator/ client Statoil/ ABB

Callenberg provided HVAC systems for a new Rectifier Building at Statoil's Kollsnes plant. This building houses rectifiers and other electrical and control equipment for electrical power supply to compressors on the Troll A Platform.

The scope of work included delivery and installation of equipment including Mechanical completion (ready for Commissioning).

HVAC equipment supplied included Air Handling Units, fans, dampers, heaters, ducting, louvers, shock valves, chiller units, piping, piping and structural supports, pumps, valves, dry coolers, instrument air compressors, instruments, tubing, insulation and more.