30% below Energy Efficiency Design Index for TUI cruises

Callenberg Technology Group is supplying the complete HVAC system including control and automation with design and equipment to TUI's cruise ships Mein Schiff 3 & 4.

Each ship has a capacity of 2 506 passenger in 1 253 cabins, and 1000 crew members. The vessels are 299 m long by 36 m wide, and sport a wide variety of restaurants, bistros, nightclubs, bars & lounges, one casino, a theatre as well as a spa. Providing the right indoor climate for such a range of environments is a challenging task.

The guiding principle throughout the whole HVAC design process has been energy conservation. Fan coil units have been implemented both for cabins and public rooms. The large galleys are designed with demand-based ventilation, and the outside air for public rooms is controlled based on actual need.

The International Maritime Organization(IMO) introduced the EEDI – Energy Efficiency Design Index– for various types of new built ships from the beginning of 2013.  The calculated index must not exceed a set value to guarantee that the ship operate in an energy efficient way. Although the EEDI is not compulsory for cruise ships yet, their principals were applied to Mein Schiff 3.  The resulting energy efficiency design index proved to be 30% below the median curve for modern cruise ships.


Scope of supply

  • HVAC and Automation engineering
  • System design
  • Procurement
  • Equipment delivery
  • Commissioning of the HVAC system
  • Equipment delivery (per ship)

Equipment Supplied

  • 51 Air Handling Units
  • 100+ fans
  • 1400+ Fan Coil Units
  • Heating & Cooling coils
  • 1000+ Air Terminal Devices
  • 500+ dampers
  • 100+ Frequency Converters
  • Heat exchangers
  • Pumps
  • Valves
  • Electrical Starters
  • Field instrumentation