Good business ethics and governance strengthen reputation and brand. Our governing elements, policies and processes enhance and protect both our employees and our stakeholders reputation.

" Strong governance and compliance is an essential driver of how we do business, wherever in the world that may be. "

Thomas Forsström, CFO

Adherence to high standards

Our customers and those who regulate our primary markets demand adherence to high quality standards both in terms of the products and services we deliver and the manner in which we operate.

Each of our technology areas complies with the quality standards dictated to them by their respective markets and works within the regulatory framework governing both their markets and international business. Further details can be found within the Technologies pages of this site.


Code of conduct

Callenberg Technology Group has zero tolerance towards corrupt activities and behaviour. All of our employees are trained in corruption risks and proper conduct.

Understanding such risks as bribery, facilitation payments and corrupt activities, helps us all in the fight against corruption.

Our Code of Conduct describes our standards of business ethics. It applies to all Callenberg Technology Group employees and others working with or for the company.

Code of Conduct


Callenberg Technology Group endorses high ethical standards, therefore whistle-blowing is an important element of our anti-corruption program.

The purpose of our whistleblowing policy is to ensure that improper and unlawful business practices within the Group are detected and dealt with, and that employees are provided with reliable channels for reporting of violations of laws.

We encourage our internal and external stakeholders to report suspected breaches of good business ethics involving Callenberg Technology Group employees. All reports should be directed at our Head of Contracts & Compliance. All reports are treated with strict confidentiality.


Our company policies are available upon request.