Global Integrated Management System (GIMS)

Callenberg Technology Group operates under a common management system which supports our strategic focus on governance.

What is GIMS?

Global Integrated Management System (GIMS) is our global governance and quality management solution.

Our governance is defined as the set of tools and methods we use to achieve the desired results in the right way. Its purpose is for us to work together to create and deliver value with integrity by supporting us to set the right priorities and drive our performance.

We must continuously seek improvement and ensure greater understanding of our governance throughout the company. This is necessary if we are to succeed over time in a competitive environment and meet our customer’s needs for controlled risks and predictability. Good governance is one of our competitive advantages and is part of our value proposition. Our customers expect it and continue to do business with us because of it.

GIMS provides a holistic view of how we manage our business, and show how people, processes and technology work together to create value to our customers and other stakeholders. The objectives of GIMS are;

  • To strengthen and foster compliance to our governing elements, policies, processes and documents by providing an overview of current information, and enabling verification of individual compliance through the Compliance Management solution.
  • To be a certified quality management system, ensuring continuous improvement
  • To increase customer value by providing an integrated improvement system to capture improvement potentials and enable follow up on these.
  • To reduce operational risk by providing transparency to information about how processes shall be executed and results delivered
  • To enhance competitive advantage by documenting how we do our business, enabling us to be agile and flexible in a rapidly changing environment.