Date: January 12th 2017

Cutting emissions in Visby port: Destination Gotland’s new Electric shore power connection

Usually, a ship in port produces onboard power by running its diesel generators. This is an inefficient way of producing energy, that creates harmful emissions. To reduce the environmental footprint and increase energy efficiency, ship operator Desination Gotland (Gotlandsbolaget) will supply two of their largest RoPax ferries; M/V Gotland & M/V Visby, with electricity from the shore network.

Callenberg Technology Group has been selected to supply the complete solution for this medium voltage shore connection. The delivery includes engineering, equipment and installation, meeting all the requirements and regulations for safety and performance. The installation will be completed by Callenberg professionals from Sweden and Denmark in close collaboration.

Visby port’s powerful new seamless connection will supply 10 700 Volts and 2 200 KVA power, which is equivalent to the power consumption of 250 residential houses. The installation will be carried out partly in port and partly during sea voyage to limit downtime. The system will be finalized during 2017, to be up and running in time for the 2018 peak season.

Destination Gotland operates the ferry line between the Swedish mainland and Gotland with three vessels. Gotland’s main port and city Visby is situated some 54 nautical miles (100km) off the Swedish east coast. It is an old Hanseatic city with a unique cultural heritage and ambience, in a sensitive natural environment.

Gotland's most famous stone formation "The Dog" is found in the nature reserve "old Port"

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