Primary Markets

Callenberg Technology Group delivers technologies to many segments within the maritime, offshore and energy markets.

In order to maintain our authority in the market segments in which we operate, we are heavily active in, and contribute towards industry associations and technical forums.

Most importantly we continually engage with our customers and their partners.

The primary international market segments in which we operate share several commonalities;

“ To deliver solutions which enables our customers to be more competitive in their markets, we must fully understand what drives these markets. “

Mikael Fejde, Manager - Energy Management Technologies

  • Our customer’s assets are operating in highly regulated industries.

  • The scope of work typically demands delivery of highly engineered solutions in a tightly controlled project timeline.

  • Product performance of the technologies we deliver is often critical to operation of our customer’s assets.

In addition to our primary international markets, Callenberg Technology Group is active in many local niche and specialist markets.