Navy & Coast Guard

Callenberg Technology Group has a track record of delivering successful projects for new buildings and upgrades for UK and US Navy programs. Similar successful projects have been delivered to Coast Guard organisations in different countries.

HVAC upgrades and energy conservation for the US Navy

Through our sister company, Trident Maritime Systems (IMECO division), Callenberg Technology Group has two decades of experience delivering HVAC upgrades and energy conservation technology towards US Navy programs.

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Insulation and site services for the UK Navy

Callenberg Technology Group's wholly owned subsidiary, Ti Marine Contracting is a major provider of insulation, architectural outfitting and site services to UK Navy newbuild programs.  Our success with these programs can be attributed to;

  • Strong local relationships have built a high level of trust.
  • Local presence and ability to scale up site services at short notice.
  • Robust project management to control cost and maintain on-time delivery.
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Electrical advisers for the Swedish Coast Guard

Callenberg Technology Group's Electrical Energy Management group is regularly engaged as technical advisers during new building projects for Swedish Coast Guard.  Our extensive experience from previous new building projects with complex technical solutions and high requirements was very valuable for the coast guard during the whole new building process.

Our advisory services included drawing review, supplier selection, on-site inspections, technical advice and evaluation of system design.

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