Oil & Gas and Natural Gas Liquid (NGL) Terminals

HVAC systems for Oil & Gas terminals

Onshore Oil & Gas terminals are obliged to comply with many of the same building standards and operating regulations that equivalent offshore assets are subject to.  Most land based contractors are unable to fulfill projects with such demanding requirements.

With decades of delivering successful projects in the offshore HVAC market, Callenberg Technology Group has applied this experience onshore towards Oil & Gas Terminals.

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Cryogenic insulation for NGL terminals

In recent years the global energy picture has dramatically changed with the emergence of natural gas as a large scale alternative to fossil fuels.  This, combined with an increasing global demand for cleaner energy, is driving significant investments in infrastructure to transport and supply natural gas liquids (NGL).

Callenberg Technology Group's wholly owned subsidiary, Ti Marine Contracting is one of few proven providers of on-site cryogenic pipe insulation for NGL terminals.  Ti Marine Contracting  has developed an their Rotating Generation (RG) application method which automates the foam insulation process.  This in turn delivers best in class product consistency, reduced application costs and faster project completion.

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