The passenger market is unique in that the 'cargo' is transported with high expectations of comfort, safety and reliability.  The industry is highly regulated and, increasingly, passengers are demanding that vessel owners are operating their ships in a sustainable way.  Investing in compliance places a financial burden on vessel operators and puts operating costs under the spotlight.

Energy conservation has become increasingly important within the passenger market. It has become crucial to optimise the efficiency of the most energy demanding processes on board; propulsion, hotel operations and HVAC.  For example, on a typical cruise ship, HVAC systems consume one third of generated energy and are a major driver of operating costs.

Callenberg Technology Group has been delivering successful projects to the passenger industry for several decades and has a track record of solving customer challenges in an innovative way.  Our office in Florida is at the centre of the US cruise industry whilst our HVAC and electrical energy management technology centres in Europe are close to the yards involved with newbuilding and refurbishment.

Energy conservation upgrades & conversions

Callenberg Technology Group leads the industry in providing a wide scope of solutions to manage and reduce energy consumption.

These solutions include the deployment of Callenberg Energy Management Technology (emt), energy recovery wheel replacement programs and LED lighting upgrades.

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Reducing logistics costs and saving time

With many of the world’s passenger ships being built in Europe but operating globally, availability of European lighting and electrical spares is often a logistical challenge. At our logistics center in Florida, Callenberg Technology Group carries an extensive stock of multi-brand European electrical and lighting spares.

The availability of local stock in a major cruise hub, enables our customers to save valuable on-board space and gives you the peace of mind that product will be delivered fast at times when speed is essential.

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