Spare parts & service

Callenberg Technology Group provides repairs and performance surveys on all types of electrical installations and equipment. We also source and install spare parts, even for obsolete components where the original part is no longer readily available.

  • Maritime and offshore electrical and automation system upgrades, service and repair
  • Flying squads and spares hubs support our customers globally
  • Multi-brand electrical & lighting spares from parts centres in Sweden and Denmark.
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Service, maintenance & repair

We support our customers to keep their ships running & compliant, wherever they may be operating;

  • Fault finding, repairs and spare parts for any kind of Switchgears, Automation, Navigation, communication and power distribution plants.
  • Thermographic analysis of switchgears and distribution boards.
  • Breaker service for all major brands on the market (certified by Schneider electric level 3).
  • Repair and check of medium and low voltage equipment.
  • Performance check and evaluation.
  • Regular mandatory test on generator breakers.
  • Preventive technical inspections.
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Spare parts

From our spares hubs in Sweden and Denmark, we support our customers and our technicians worldwide with multi-brand electrical spare parts. Our comprehensive range of electrical equipment includes:

  • Cables and electrical installation material
  • Breakers for switchboards and distribution fuses
  • Instrumentation and sensors
  • Spare parts for automation, navigation, communication and safety systems

Flying squads

Our flying squads are comprised of multi competence engineers and electricians working globally with both repairs and installations in accordance with your requirements.

Technical services

We undertake consultancy or supervision assignments as the owner's or yard's representatives. Independent of makers and subcontractors, we supervise and conduct everything from small upgrades to large conversion projects.