Re-activation of ships and rigs

The key to a successful re-activation is planning. We plan, survey and perform correct re-activation of HVAC & refrigeration as well as electrical & automation systems. From pre-planning through commissioning, we ensure your systems' integrity, efficiency and final certification. 

  • Benefit from best practice; we have over 30 years' experience in surveying and maintaining offshore assets
  • Safety critical systems are put back in verified operational condition
  • Mitigate start-up risks
  • Safe and regulatory testing and regasification of the refrigeration system

Our re-activation model

The time it takes to re-activate an asset depends on the quality of the original lay-up process, any contamination during lay-up and the time the asset has been inactive. We perform a thorough survey to check the systems' condition in order to tailor the re-activation plan.

After commissioning all HVAC & refrigeration as well as  electrical & automation systems will be verified and status documented.

HVAC and refrigeration re-activation services

Ensures all systems are safe and compliant to class requirements, prior to reconnecting power and airflow.


  • Fire damper check
  • Fans verification
  • AHU checkup
  • TR integrity test
  • LEV test
  • Air-flow balancing
  • Filter status review
  • Duct cleaning


  • Cold Storage
  • Galley serving counter
  • Refrigeration comp. skids
  • Provision plant
  • Chillers
  • DX systems
  • Chilled water circuits
  • F-Gas documentation

Electrical and automation re-activation services

We ensure a thorough and extensive checkup of the electrical equipment , to ensure all systems are safe and compliant to class requirements, prior to reconnecting power.

  • Energy efficiency upgrades
  • Generators, motors and switchgears
  • Thruster and transformers
  • Winch, Crane, Gangway, Jack up CB´s to be tested (CB basic test)
  • UPS and Batteries
  • Lighting and sockets
  • Ex equipment
  • Automation and Control systems
  • PA/GA systems
  • Fire & Gas Detection systems
  • Fire pumps, FIFI and deluge systems
  • Safety systems

Global reach

We are at your service worldwide. Callenberg Technology Group's re-activation experts manage the re-activation project, site supervision and  local labour to make sure your re-activation goes to plan. Over 100 year's global experience in HVAC, refrigeration and electrical and automation systems gives us the best practice expertise you need.