Lay-up of ships and rigs

In challenging market conditions, it can be beneficial to temporarily lay-up assets. We assist with correct deactivation, protecting vital technical equipment and preserving the building structure.  By correctly laying up a rig, you avoid unecessary costs at reactivation.

  • Reduce lay-up costs and speed up re-commissioning
  • Protect structure and spaces
  • Preserve HVAC and refrigeration equipment
  • Minimal maintenance during lay-up period
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Simplify the lay-up process

Callenberg Technology Group’s lay-up service simplifies the lay-up process, keeping maintenance costs down and start-up time short. There are two parts to our lay-up offer; Protection of structure and spaces and Preservation of HVAC and refrigeration equipment.  In addition we survey, plan maintenance, report and monitor throughout the entire process.

Callenberg Technology Group provides lay-up services for merchant vessels and rigs.

Protecting structure and spaces ahead of lay-up

To achieve the greatest efficiencies all technical areas should be evaluated separately, with special attention to engine rooms and other rooms with electrical equipment.

HVAC in the living quarter

  • Reduce and optimise equipment capacities
  • Seal complete or parts of systems
  • Duct cleaning
  • Evaluate & adjust internal temperature and humidity

HVAC in technical areas

  • Reduce & calculate ventilation for each area
  • Equipment cleaning
  • Temperature control of vital machinery, process and utility rooms
  • Evaluate ventilation and cooling requirements in LIR/LER, drillers cabin and control rooms
  • Minimise heating and natural ventilation in tanks and pontoons

Preserving HVAC & refrigeration equipment during lay-up

Air handling units that are not in use typically form mould and fungus. We preserve your HVAC & RFN equipment to avoid hazardous build-up, minimise maintenance costs and enable easier re-commissioning.

HVAC deactivation

  • Lower capacities and reduce energy consumption
  • Secure minimum temperature and control of RH in AC rooms
  • Equipment cleaning

Refrigeration deactivation

  • Empty chillers and compressors of refrigerant and pressurize with Nitrogen*
  • Monitored shut down of provision/freezing rooms by thermo-camera
  • Antifreeze treatment of water traps
  • Cleaning of provisions and rooms, with special attention to coils and evaporator
*All systems containing refrigerant needs regular servicing to comply with F-gas regulations. We recommend emptying the systems of refrigerant and pressurising with Nitrogen to avoid this regular servicing while the systems are not in use.