HVAC energy optimisation

Environmental legislation and fuel costs are two significant price challenges in the maritime industry. Therefore it is crucial to optimise the efficiency of the most energy demanding processes on board; propulsion, hotel operations and Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC).

  • Improve operating efficiency and passenger comfort
  • Callenberg Energy Management Technology (emt™) delivers proven savings and reduced environmental impact
  • Retrieve up to 80% more HVAC energy with an energy recovery wheel upgrade program
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Smooth and efficient project execution

Energy optimisation projects can take place during dry dock or vessel operation. Both scenarios present operational challenges, whether it be short deadlines or maintaining an operational system during the upgrade. We offer various contract models, including complete turnkey solutions, system design, material supply, installation, supervision and commissioning.

Automate your HVAC system with Callenberg emt™

Callenberg Energy Management Technology reduces HVAC energy consumption whilst improving passenger comfort. Our solution combines smart energy modifications of the mechanical, electrical and automation equipment with new key products and high efficiency components.

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Reclaim energy by upgrading to new generation energy wheels

Turnkey energy recovery wheel solutions not only reclaim predicted energy consumption, but lower it. Our solution incorporates the new generation of SEMCO energy recovery wheels, developed by our partner Fläkt Woods. With its new generation high efficiency coating, we can retrieve up to 80% energy.

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