HVAC for newbuilds

When keeping passengers cool on a Caribbean cruise, ventilating the cargo space on a car carrier or protecting environmental integrity on a North Sea oil rig, a reliable and energy efficient HVAC system is crucial for a safe and profitable newbuild. 

  • Expertise in complex newbuild projects and existing HVAC installations in the offshore & maritime industries
  • Engineer-led system design reduces system down-time and lowers operational costs
  • In-house electrical & instrumentation capabilities and production
  • Worldwide commissioning and aftermarket support
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Experience in demanding maritime and offshore markets

Our customers operate in extreme conditions and in highly regulated environments. We are experts in international codes and rules & regulations of all leading classification societies.

The scope of supply includes ventilation equipment with shockproof design and low magnetic signature. We supply NBC filter systems, equipment for compact spaces and high pressure air conditioning systems.

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From the LQ HVAC system at Ekofisk

Let Callenberg take care of all your newbuild ventilation needs

Our experience extends from designing and delivering HVAC systems for living quarters, utility areas and mechanical ventilation to storage areas, engine rooms and hazardous drilling areas.

  • Complete design & supply of HVAC systems
  • Chilled water and DX refrigeration plants
  • Provision refrigeration plants
  • Cargo hold ventilation
  • Deck and tank ventilation for oil and chemical carriers

Automate your HVAC system with Callenberg emt™ technology

On many vessels, the HVAC system is a major energy consumer. Callenberg Energy Management Technology reduces HVAC energy consumption whilst improving passenger and crew comfort.

Our award winning technology combines smart energy modifications of the mechanical, electrical and automation equipment with new key products and high efficiency components.

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Engineer-led system design reduces operational costs

By investing in engineering at the design stage, we deliver a functional, reliable and easy to maintain HVAC system. We provide engineering expertise in the following fields:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Heat & air volume calculations
  • Fire and gas systems
  • Automation for HVAC
  • Pressurization, sound and vibration

Equipment and components suited to the application

Callenberg Technology Group is not an OEM and as such we enjoy access to multi-brand HVAC equipment and components. We select equipment that is right for the application and the environment where the asset will be deployed.

  • Air handling units
  • Refrigeration machinery
  • HVAC automation & controls
  • Axial, centrifugal and mixed flow fans
  • Intake systems with filters, louvers & separators
  • Self contained units & provision plants