Insulation and architectural outfitting

Callenberg Technology Group delivers low temperature and cryogenic insulation through our wholly owned subsidiary, Ti Marine Contracting.

Ti Marine Contracting has been active in the industrial and maritime insulation business since 1945.  Market demand for more efficient technology and better quality has increased steadily through the years, and our success in meeting this demand has always rested on continuous development of new and more efficient solutions.

In recent years, the high demand for low temperature and cryogenic insulation solutions has allowed Ti Marine Contracting to focus on becoming market leaders in newbuild maritime markets and terminal pipe insulation.

In the United Kingdom one of our main markets is the Navy, where Ti Marine Contracting is playing a major role as a leading supplier in architectural outfitting and insulation contractor to the newbuilding program for the Royal Navy fleet.  We are also engaged in after service and repair for the Navy.

In North America, Ti Marine Contracting has partnered with Trident Maritime Systems (IMECO Division) to distribute to this important market and support projects carried out within the territory.