Low temperature and cryogenic insulation

Ti Marine Contracting delivers low temperature and cryogenic insulation solutions for cargo tanks, fuel tanks and pipe systems.


Ti Marine Contracting cryogenic cargo tank insulation systems have been delivered to LNG vessels since the early 1970s while experience in the LPG and LEG cargo tank insulation market stretches back to 1960. Cryogenic pipe insulation activities span major projects such as LNG terminal pipe insulation to the installation, upgrade or repair of marine applications.

Continuous innovation and a drive to deliver better product performance puts Ti Marine Contracting in the position of market leader, delivering ground breaking contracted boil off rates as low as 0.08% per day. By designing flexible insulation solutions, our cryogenic cargo tank insulation can be applied to multiple cargo tank structures, including; Moss type, prismatic, bilobe and cylindrical.

Spray foam insulation system for LNG, LPG and LEG cargo tanks

The Ti Marine Contracting spray foam insulation system is a development of the well proven "foam in-situ" application combined with recent improvements in polyurethane material technology.

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Panel insulation system for LNG cargo tanks

The Ti Marine Contracting panel insulation system is a turnkey cargo tank solution for Moss type LNG and SBP type cargo tanks. The technology benefits from over 40 years of experience delivering LNG cargo tank insulation systems.

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LNG fuel tank insulation

In recent years the global energy picture has dramatically changed with the emergence of natural gas as a large scale alternative to fossil fuels.

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Low temperature and cryogenic pipe insulation

Ti Marine Contracting offers different solutions for low temperature and cryogenic insulation of liquefied gas pipes.

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