Panel insulation system for LNG cargo tanks

The Ti Marine Contracting panel insulation system is a turnkey cargo tank solution for Moss type LNG and SBP type cargo tanks. The technology benefits from over 40 years of experience delivering LNG cargo tank insulation systems.

  • Significant costs savings for the cargo owner with boil off solutions as low as 0.08% per day
  • CNC-machined panels mean a flexible design that fits most tank geometries
  • Delivering peace of mind with over 40 years of successful turnkey LNG cargo tank insulation solutions
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CNC machined panels

Typical panel construction comprises 1.0m x 1.0m expanded polystyrene prefabricated panels. Each panel is pre-fabricated in three layers from expanded polystyrene (EPS) slab elements and weighs less than 7kg for EPS and less than 13kg for PU.

The layers are reinforced with glass fibre crack-barrier mesh between the layers and held together with two-component low temperature glue. Aluminium foil sheets cover the outside surface.

This economical and environmental friendly solution delivers contracted boil off rates as low as 0.08% per day which is the lowest boil off rate on the market.

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Fast and flexible installation

Tight-fitting pre-fabricated panels have a low weight and an efficient installation mechanism which means that the system can be installed on any tank geometry.

Light weight, handy sized panels means low total system weight. One stud bolt and fixing point per panel with a staggered finger joint system means easy installation and improved tightness.

The panels are fixed to the tank structure with stud bolts, which join together by tongue and groove. The joints are filled with mineral wool and polyurethane foam, and the aluminium foil gaps are bridged and sealed with flexible mastic filings forming a strong surface.