Spray foam insulation system for LNG, LPG and LEG cargo tanks

The Ti Marine Contracting spray foam insulation system is a development of the well proven "foam in-situ" application combined with recent improvements in polyurethane material technology.


  • Fully bonded, seamless & void free insulation design where the entire composite structure follows tank contraction / expansion
  • Ti Marine Contracting spray insulation solution has been applied to more than 4,000,000 sqm of tank surface
  • Flexible application process requires few operators, small storage volumes and can be applied to difficult geometries
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Continual focus on product development

Ti Marine Contracting launched a new efficient and economical insulation system for LPG cargo tanks in 2005 based on in-situ spray methodology. This technology was later adapted for insulation of LEG cargo tanks.

To date more than 130 LPG vessels have been delivered with this solution, equivalent to more than 4,000,000 m² of insulated tank surface.

The spray foam system incorporates our unique polyurethane based, Purfome™ insulation foam and polymeric based Purkote™ coating.

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Minimal disruption to tank manufacturer and shipyard

In a busy shipbuilding environment, delays to the tank insulation can have a major impact on schedules and costs. The spray foam insulation system lends itself to high production efficiency, flexible application with minimal scaffolding requirements

The materials have excellent weather exposure resistance during assembly to provide year round flexibility in scheduling.

A transparent application technique for easier Quality Control (QC) work.

Finally Polyurethane material and low material consumption minimises waste and environmental impact.

Achieving low boil off rates for the cargo owner

The spray foam system is a fully bonded, seamless & void free insulation design where the entire composite structure follows tank contraction and expansion.

Combined with a strong main insulation material, the system delivers flexible, tight and strong surface protection.

All this leads to excellent system thermal efficiency, delivering low boil off rates.

Delivering low cost of ownership to the ship operator

The Ti Marine Contracting spray foam insulation solution has proven to require minimal in-service maintenance cost.

A spray foam solution is homogeneous by nature with no penetration or space for accumulation of moisture. The non-corrosive and water-tight cladding is bonded to all surfaces.

There are no joints in the foam and the risk for voids in the insulation is eliminated.