Innovation in insulation technology and application process

Ti Marine Contracting has a proud track record of innovation.  The low temperature and cryogenic insulation market is constantly evolving and continuous innovation is essential to secure our position as market leader.

Investment in research and development has contributed to improved insulation technologies and more cost effective application processes. Historically, the performance milestones achieved by us have set the bar within the industry. This has secured our position as the market leader and at the same time drives us to continually innovate to maintain this position ahead of our competition.

We are continuously involved in ground-breaking insulation system developments and we have worked with partners on the following technological developments:

  • MES & MHI Moss type SG system for LNG cargo tanks
  • MES & MHI Moss type TIG system for LNG cargo tanks
  • LNG pipe RG system Sprayed insulation and coating
  • Aker ADBT system LNG storage and fuel tank concept
  • NLI LNG fuel tank insulation system
  • Ultra Low boil off cargo containment systems
  • Ultra lightweight fire thermal & acoustic materials