Insulation and architectural outfitting

In the United Kingdom one of our main markets is the Navy and Coast Guard, where Ti Marine Contracting is playing a role as a leading supplier and insulation contractor to the UK Navy newbuild program. Ti Marine Contracting also enjoys a strong heritage in the offshore market.

  • Insulation, architectural outfitting and site services are a natural compliment to each other and deliver economies of scale to our customers
  • Strong project management and tight control over resources delivers projects on time and within budget
  • Close cooperation with our HVAC division delivers further economies of scale on newbuild and retrofit projects


The origins of Ti Marine Contracting was the provision of traditional maritime insulation projects to the UK shipbuilding industry. This business has evolved and Ti Marine Contracting has a strong track record of delivering insulation services to Navy, Coast Guard and offshore assets.

Ti Marine Contracting offers the following maritime insulation services;

  • Fire insulation
  • Thermal insulation
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Insulation service


Architectural outfitting services are a natural complement to the Ti Marine Contracting traditional maritime insulation offer.

We offer the following maritime and offshore architectural services;

  • Deck coverings
  • Outfitting of accommodation areas
  • Partitions
  • Linings & ceilings
  • Cabin modules
  • Cold & Cool rooms
  • Gland & pipe penetrations

Site services

Many clients have benefited from economies of scale by subcontracting site services to the Ti Marine Contracting site project team.

Efficient delivery of site services requires excellent resource management, following robust KPIs and close control over costs.

  • Cleaning
  • Spill and bilge maintenance
  • Equipment protection
  • Outfitting & loading
  • Fire & tank sentry
  • Ventilation and extraction
  • Cutting station operation
  • Kanban control