Air Quality Testing

Air Quality, generally known as “Indoor Air Quality or IAQ” is a major concern to businesses because it can affect the health, comfort, well-being and productivity of the buildings occupants.

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Good indoor climate and quality can decrease the number of illness and sick building syndrome (SBS) symptoms, and can improve comfort and productivity.

Air Quality is not a simple, easily defined concept as it is a constantly changing interaction of complex factors that affect the types, levels and importance of pollutants in indoor environments.

How Callenberg Technology Group can help you

Specialists at Callenberg technology Group are here to assist you to bring your system(s) to compliance and to maintain them to meet industry standards.

Each test and inspection can include;

  • Temperature and Humidity
  • Fresh Air Supply
  • Airborne Gas Levels
  • Airborne / Surface Dust Levels
  • Surface and/or Airborne Bacteria Levels
  • Surface and/or Airborne Mould Levels
  • Surface and/or Airborne Yeast Levels
  • Visual Inspection of Ductwork for possible Legionella risks
  • A comprehensive report (including recommendations as may be required)