A proud heritage

Callenberg Technology Group enjoys a proud heritage that spans over 100 years in marine and offshore markets.

Callenberg Technology Group was launched in January 2015, after demerging from Wilhelmsen Maritime Services with a mandate to further develop Insulation, HVAC & Electrical Energy Management solutions. In October 2016, Callenberg Technology Group was acquired by Trident Maritime Systems.


Semco established

Semler & Mathiassen (Semco) establish a castings and stove manufacturer business.

In 1911 DEC was acquired to provide electrical installations capabilities.  In 1945 Semco start producing high-quality technical installations for the marine and shipbuilding industry.


Norsk Viftefabrikk (NVF) founded

With origins as a fan factory in Bryn, Norway, NVF developed into a civil engineering firm with a focus on air engineering projects for treatment plants.

Success in this market led to further large industrial and offshore projects.


Svenska Fläkt Fabriken (SFF) established

Established in Jönkoping, Sweden as a producer of environmental equipment to industry and power plants.


Norsk Viftefabrikk acquired by Svenska Fläkt Fabriken

Svenska Fläkt Fabriken (SFF) acquire Norsk Viftefabrikk (NVF) to establish themselves in the broader Scandinavian market.


Svenska Fläkt Fabriken establishes a marine ventilation division

Svenska Fläkt Fabriken (SFF) establishes a marine division in Gothenburg to grow their ventilation business in the local shipbuilding market.


TICON Isolering founded

Established in Drammen, Norway, providing heating and dress insulation solutions to the food and fishing industry.

In the following decades, Ticon established themselves in various industrial, marine and offshore markets.


Andersson & Callenberg founded

Established in Uddevalla, Sweden, providing electrical installations to Uddevalla shipyard and later on to all Swedish yards.


Callenberg Engineering established

Established in Lysekil, Sweden, providing automation solutions to Swedish shipyards and ship owners.


Integrated Engineering Services (IES) founded

Established in Aberdeen, UK to provide specialist heating, ventilation, air conditioning, environmental and refrigeration services to the offshore industry.

Early success with BP led to further long term maintenance contracts from other operators and supported the establishment of a facility in Great Yarmouth UK.


ABB established

ABB market the Fläkt and Norsk Viftefabrikk (NVF) brands.

Swedish, ABB Fläkt Marine division targets the marine market, whilst the Norwegian ABB Miljø division targets the offshore market.


TICON Isolering acquired by Unitor

Leading Norwegian maritime service provider, Unitor seeks to grow the maritime insulation market by acquiring the marine divisions of TICON Isolering.


Segulah acquires Callenberg Engineering and Callenberg Group established

Private equity fund, Segulah enters the marine and offshore market with an ambition to build a global player.


ABB Miljø division acquired by Callenberg

Callenberg enters the offshore HVAC market and introduces the AC Marine brand.


Semco Marine Division acquired by Callenberg

Callenberg expands their geographical market reach within electrical & automation for marine and offshore.


Fläkt Marine acquired by Callenberg

Callenberg compliments their offshore ventilation business and enters the marine HVAC market through the acquisition of Fläkt Marine.


Wilhelmsen Maritime Services (WMS) established & Unitor acquired

Wilh. Wilhelmsen group clearly signals their intention to dominate the maritime services market by establishing WMS and acquiring Unitor.


Callenberg acquired by Wilhelmsen Maritime Services (WMS)

WMS growth ambitions continue with the acquisition of Callenberg, bringing HVAC and electrical engineered solutions into the portfolio.


Wilhelmsen Technical Solutions (WTS) established

WTS becomes the engineered solutions home of WMS, developing Safety, Insulation, HVAC & Electrical Energy Management solutions.


Integrated Engineering Services (IES) acquired by Wilhelmsen Technical Solutions

A successful acquisition of IES supports WTS ambitions to increase their HVAC aftermarket presence in the North Sea offshore market.


Callenberg Technology Group launched

Demerged from Wilhelmsen Maritime Services with a mandate to further develop Insulation, HVAC & Electrical Energy Management solutions.

Headquarters established in Gothenburg.


Callenberg Technology Group acquired by Trident Maritime Systems

Callenberg joins Trident Maritime Systems to form one of the largest suppliers to the maritime industry within its field of expertise.

The combined group with its US headquarters engages close to 2000 employees and contractors with
subsidiaries in 19 countries.